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Tomato & Company is a contemporary pizzeria merged with

inspiration from the traditional pizzerias of Naples, Italy.


Tomato & Company offers a menu that includes classic

Napolitano-style pizza, innovative creations, or customer created

pies made from a selection of high-quality

ingredients presented in an interactive assembly line.


We come from a saturated “on-the-go nation.”

Tomato & Co. enables this dynamic, but is one of the first to

do using gourmet ingredients. Many fast-food chains serve

food that sits under a heating lamp, comes from a box,

or is made at an outsourced location.


Tomato & Co. serves amazing salads with an array of options from crispy romaine, colorful spring mix, fresh baby spinach & arugula "rocket" as well as healthy sides including

oven-roasted veggies, house made meatballs, along with homemade gelato for dessert displayed in a custom rotating gelato case built in Italy. Red or white wine is available along

with assorted craft beers.


Tomato & Co. contemporary design features dark woods,

polished concrete floors, Italian marble counter tops, and bright

colored seating. Tomato & Co. plays mood-rising beats at a

comfortable volume. The restaurant has visible dough

room, and a custom pizza oven that cooks personal

pizzas in ninety seconds. They want customers to see

every aspect of this alluring process.


The food:

At Tomato & Company, you move down an interactive

assembly line where you pick from an array of 40

toppings spread out, on a pizza made right in front of

you- it’s customizable like Chipotle, with gourmet



This process starts with your choice of original, or for the

gluten-free folks…gluten free dough. The dough is thrown

into the air, smacked onto the marble counter, and hand

shaped into the perfect pie….no rolling pins here.


Second, you pick your sauce. From a traditional San

Marzano tomato sauce, to alfredo, housemade vodka, basil pesto or extra virgin olive oil as your base.


Thirdly, be yourself and choose from several types of cheeses that include gorgonzola and black truffle. They have unique

toppings such as banana peppers, caramelized onions,

marinated shrimp, pineapple, and turkey bacon. The fresh mozzarella is ripped into chunks and placed on your personal pie, just like they do in Italy. The hand-plucked basil hides under

the cheese to avoid burning in the oven. Tomato & Company

offers homemade burrata as an appetizer, “buttery” Italian

cheese made from a mix of mozzarella & cream.


Lastly, your personal pizza is fired in a custom

made oven from Italy at extreme temperatures, in less

than two minutes!


Tomato & Co. prides itself upon the use of local fresh

ingredients at an affordable price point. They serve sides

such as broccolini topped with olive oil, garlic, and

crushed hot pepper, then wood fired to ultimately

heighten every flavor. In five minutes, you can design

your pizza, choose a drink and make your purchase!

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